Raja Ampat & The Spice Islands: Darwin to Biak


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Days: 13

This twelve night voyage from Darwin to Raja Ampat is the perfect combination of incredible wildlife and scenery experiences mixed with historical and cultural experiences. Snorkel in what is commonly considered some of the finest reefs on the planet and explore what was once the only place on the Earth to buy nutmeg. All of this whilst on board the comfortable and luxurious Coral Adventurer.



Careening Bay Sunset Coral Adventurer

DAY 1 Depart Darwin


Arrive to a warm welcome in Darwin and board the Coral Adventurer

DAY 2 Banda Neira

Banda Neira, Spice Islands

No two Raja Ampat & Spice Islands expeditions onboard the Coral Adventurer will be the same, and some variation may occur to your itinerary depending on weather or local community requirements but each expedition will be crafted by the experienced Masters and Expedition Leaders to maximise guest experience. Below are the key destinations we visit.

On our approach, paddlers in Kora Kora canoes escort us into Banda Neira. Ashore, immerse yourself in the aromas, sights and sounds of the Spice Islands. Later, explore 17th century Fort Belgica and enjoy dinner and a dance performance as the sun sets.

DAY 3 Hatta Island

Coral reef coral adventurer only resize

At Hatta Island, snorkel and dive amongst vibrant coral gardens and abundance of fish species just a few metres from the beach. Enjoy a guided walk through the village to meet school children, and to explore a nutmeg and pepper plantation.

DAY 4 Molana Island


Molana Island’s powder-like white sand beach is a picturesque base for swimming and snorkelling activities where shallow coral gardens and prolific marine life abound.

DAY 5 Saparua Island

CoralAdventurer only native war dance resize

At Saparua, we are welcomed by the harmonious school choir and a war dance at Fort Duurstede.

DAY 6 Sawai, Seram Island

Day 6 - Widows Water - Yensawai coral adventurer only resize

Sawai is one of the oldest villages in the Maluku Islands, with homes built on stilts over the ocean. Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and explore the grand valleys of Manusela National Park, home to 118 species of birds such as electus parrots, purple-naped lory and salmon-crested cockatoo, all endemic to Seram Island.

DAY 7 Misool, Raja Ampat

Day-6 kayaking raja ampat resize coral expedition

Our introduction to spectacular Raja Ampat is at Misool, one of the four largest islands. Visit Balbulol Lagoon and Yapap, where dramatic limestone formations rise from clear turquoise waters. Swim and kayak amongst the islands, or climb for a view over the heart-shaped Dafalen Love Lake.



Be welcomed by dancers on traditional boats before going ashore at Kampung Deer to explore the village with local guides. Experience a traditional Sasi Ceremony, which is conducted to preserve the ecosystem. This afternoon, enjoy water activities and keep an eye out for the spectacular red bird-of-paradise.

DAY 9 WAYAG Island


More Raja Ampat treasures await as we explore by Zodiac, swimin the crystal water and stroll white-sand beaches. An energetic hike up to famed Pindito Peak rewards with panoramic views of Wayag’s spectacular lagoon.

DAY 10 Roon Or Auri Island

Roon Islands - Coral Expeditions

Depending on the weather and conditions, enjoy either Roon or Auri Island. At Roon, a Japanese Zero plane wreck has become a marine habitat, with snorkelers able to see the plane where it rests in shallow water.

At Auri Island, we navigate through picturesque island scenery before enjoying beach activities and visiting a local village for traditional dance performances.

DAY 11 Cenderawasih Bay

Day 3 Cenderawasih Bay resize coral expeditions only

Enter Cenderawasih Marine Park in search of the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark. We may have the chance for an early morning snorkel amongst them – the experience of a lifetime.

DAY 12 Kwatisore Village

west papuan culture resize coral expeditions only

Today you will visit a local village and learn about West Papuan customs, culture and the traditional lifestyle of the people.

DAY 13 Biak, Raja Ampat

Biak (5) resize coral expeditions only

After breakfast disembark the Coral Adventurer

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